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The biggest day of your life, one you will remember for years is finally round the corner. A day for celebration and a time for family and friends to come together but you need to let them know where and when you are going to be tying the knot! Wedding stationary is a small part of the big day but an important one. From save the dates to invites, from orders of service to table names, there are so many elements of wedding stationary that need to be thought about. Maybe you have a vision of what you want, something unique to you and your partner or maybe you just want something simple. Any design to suit your day is possible, simply get in touch to discus your big day and what you would like and working together we can create the perfect accompaniment to your day!

Template Designs

Here are just a few template designs of wedding invitations and can easily have your information placed into the design. Maybe there are elements you like but a couple of alterations you'd like to add or even some colours added. Whatever your needs the perfect invitation or wedding stationary package can be created for you. Simple get it touch to get started!

Bespoke Invites

Here are two collections of wedding invitations I have worked on. The first with a hint of the Batman theme they had at their wedding while keeping the more classic look of a wedding invitation. The second collection was created for my now brother-in-law who got married with a slight music and record theme to the day. Both were designed with the clients involved to ensure they were happy with the end results. Both couples had a very lovely wedding and I wish them all the happiness in the world.

Save The Date

Save The Date cards for a Wedding

These were put together for myself and my now Husband, following the colours and tree theme we had for the wedding I managed to create something we were both happy with by simply using a Vector image of a tree and using the modern and popular style of font. Using multiple fonts with decoration to create a square block of text. 

Do you have a theme and idea for what you want your save the dates to look like. I would love to make it a reality for you. Get in touch and I will create the perfect save the date cards for your special day. 

Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invite Front and Inside

This is the front and inside of the wedding Invitations we made for our big day. Continuing on the tree theme with the purple colour we worked to create and print these ourselves. It was quite good fun really. It is important to get the wording right on the inside but this will be a little dependant on how traditional you and your parents are feeling. 

I would love to help you create the perfect wedding Invitations to suit and match your day. Get in touch if this is something you would like my help with.

Wedding Information

All the Information you need to tell your Guests

There is lots of information you will need to tell all your guests. Not only where they need to go but more specific directions. Timings of things are also important, especially if you have 2 different venues for the ceremony and reception. If you want song requests from people, this is the place to do it. Also any gift lists you may have, this is where you can give them a link to it or, like us, put in a little poem to explain what it is you are wanting from your guests. 

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