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One aspect of Design work I particularly enjoy is the layout and formatting of books, articles and other text based products. I have experience of working with typical book layout and textbooks style layout with projects from an autobiography to a blog that needs converting into a book. Whatever your project I would love to hear about it and start working together.


Gym Equipment

I was sent over the different bits of Gym equipment to photograph in order to create the infographics to help highlight all the key features of the bike. This is a high-end exercise bike with many features the client wanted to highlight on the Amazon listing for the project.


Lower Back Support

The band was sent over to be photographed, the images were then edited to be on a which background, again highlighting the features of the elasticated band. To display the band in use, images were downloaded from stock sites which were then edited to show the band being used as a support.


Dog Training Bag

Another product which was sent to me to be photographed, it was another product with many features and selling points that the client wanted highlighted for the Amazon listing.

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