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Book Formatting

One aspect of Design work I particularly enjoy is the layout and formatting of books. I have experience of working with typical book layout and textbook style layout with projects from an autobiography to a PhD thesis discussion. Whatever your project I would love to hear about it and start working together.


Endovascular Treatment

PHD Thesis Discussion and Articles

Fadilah's Kitchen Book 2

Fusion Cuisine Recipe Book

Blech's For Bubbies Mommies & You 

Guide to Correct Use of a Blech

SIBO Survivor Cookbook

Recipe ebook for Josh Sabourin

SIBO Elimination Guidebook 

Guidebook for Sufferers

Delivering Successful Megeprojects

Business Guide Book

Guarding Your Joy

Self Help Book

Power Rabbi

Autobiography for Rabbi Jacobs

Unofficial Harry Potter Spellbook

Book for Michael Gonzalez

The Business You Can Start

Workbook to Accompany a Book

Trivia Storm

Trivia Quiz Books

It's Not Safe To Be Alive

Autobiographical book

Fadilah's Kitchen

Award Winning Recipe Book for Print
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Earth Angel

Chakra Workbook for Beth Buchman

Happy Book

ebook for Nina Vossschulte

Fast Slow Food

Recipe ebook For Lucy Travers

Deluxe Cook Recipe

Sample Recipes to accompany product
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